X50 Broccoli Chips X50 Broccoli Chips

X50 Broccoli Chips


x50 Broccoli Chips - a perfect quick health snack!

Broccoli is a superstar vegetable, full of nutrients and fibrous carbs which break down easily and can support the metabolism. These delicious chips incorporate all the benefits of broccoli and none of the naughty extras that are in regular potato chips, making then a perfect on-the-go snack altenative.

These delicious, crunchy morsels are vacuum fried to seal in all the nutritious goodness the broccoli has to offer, using rice bran oil, which is ideal for it's fatty acid balance. Having a pack of these broccoli chips handy means you can be good on the go, even when you feel like something naughty.

The benefits of x50 broccoli chips

  • Gluten free
  • No trans fats
  • Pesticide free
  • Grest source of Fibre
  • Vegan/Vegatarian, using non-GMO broccoli
  • Vacuum fried to seal in the goodness
  • Zero Cholesterol

You can have a tantasiling treat with the Spicy and Wasabi flavours, or something delicious and traditional like Sea Salt or BBQ. Whatever your flavour, these brocolli chip are an ideal snack to keep with you at all times!