Introducing The Sportsfuel Club

Our new loyalty program

Get rewarded for buying your supplements. Whether you’re just starting out or you shop at Sportsfuel every month, you can now get exclusive membership benefits & rewards at the Sportsfuel Club.

Storewide discount codes, birthday rewards, priority dispatch, access to secret sales and Sportsfuel merch - trust us, it’s bigger and better than ever.

How to join

Join the Club. It’s free. 

New to Sportsfuel? Click here to sign up and get instant access to membership perks. 

Already have an account? Simply log in to your Sportsfuel account and select your profile to view your membership status, you're already in! 

Shopped with us before but checked out as a guest? Click here to activate your account and get instant access to membership perks (and don’t worry, your previous orders will transfer to your new club account!). 

How it works

The more you spend, the more you're rewarded!

Every time you shop at Sportsfuel the amount you spend gets added to your Club Balance. When you've spent enough to qualify for a new membership tier, you'll be automatically promoted and unlock the benefits!

12 months after you first shopped at Sportsfuel (and every subsequent 12 months), your Club Balance resets. But don't worry, you'll keep the membership tier you qualified for previously for at least another 12 months.

What it includes

Each membership has its own perks depending on how much you spend with us. 

Use your coupon code at checkout with every purchase for a discount off all products storewide*, get birthday rewards, access to secret sales, plus much, much, more!  


How do I know which membership tier I’m in? 

Log in to your Sportsfuel account, click your account in the top right corner to view your membership status. 

When can I move up to the next membership tier? 

Bronze - No minimum spend
Silver - Spend over $150
Gold - Spend over $400
Platinum - Spend over $1,000
Elite - Spend over $2,000

When does the 12 month membership period start? 

Your 12 month membership period starts on the first day you shop at Sportsfuel, or when you first create a Sportsfuel account. It will then renew on the same day (your anniversary date), every 12 months thereafter. 

If I spend enough to upgrade to the next membership tier, when will it happen? 

Your membership status will upgrade instantly once your order has been fulfilled. 

What happens when I move up a level? 

If you qualify to move up a membership level you'll automatically unlock the benefits, which should be visible on your account page.

Once you’ve upgraded membership tier, you’ll remain in the higher membership for the remainder of your 12 month period, plus the following 12 months. 

For example, if you spend enough to upgrade from Silver to Gold halfway through your membership period, you’ll remain a Gold member for the remainder of that period as well as the following 12 month period. 

You’ll then have to spend enough in the following 12 month period to re-qualify for the same membership tier. If you haven’t spent enough, we’ll recalculate your membership and it will automatically update on your anniversary date. 

What happens when I move down a level? 

We’ll send you a reminder beforehand, so you’ll have plenty of time to shop with us to maintain your current membership status. 

*Do the storewide discount codes work on sale items? 

Unfortunately not. Sale items are already heavily discounted and your Sportsfuel Club discount code won't work on them. 

Got any questions about the Sportsfuel club?

Drop us a message and we'll happily answer any questions you have!

Full terms and conditions for The Sportsfuel Club can be read here.