Pro Tan Show Shine 118.5ml Pro Tan Show Shine 118.5ml

Pro Tan Show Shine 118.5ml


An ultra-light competition posing oil that provides maximum definition!

Show Shine is a dry oil, ultra-light formula that is designed to provide the perfect contest sheen while also conditioning your skin, leaving it looking its very best.

Show Shine is formulated exclusively for hot light and highlights your true muscle definition, eliminating blind spots and allowing appreciation for what you've worked so hard for.

Show Shine Benefits/Highlights:
- Maximises your look under bright lights.
- Provides a silky smooth finish.
- Has a fresh mango, lime and citrus scent.

Useful Tips: Recommended for the pre-judge portion of your show since the judges prefer its sating sheen. Apply Show Shin before pumping up to seal in your bronzer.

Step 4. Contest Finishers:
To put your physique on display, then you will need to highlight it properly. Pro Tan offers several products that will provide you with the perfect sheen and also product that will help to keep your outfits where they should be and to highlight your vascularity.

Get the perfect contest sheet while conditioning your skin with Pro Tans ultra-light, dry oil formula, Show Shine. Show Shine highlights your muscle definition, eliminating blind spots created by the lights and allowing the judges to appreciate all that youve worked for. Show Shine is perfect for Physique, Bodybuilding, Bikini and Fitness competitors alike, and can also be used daily after the show or bath to keep your skin vibrant and healthy. If youre looking to lock in the colour of your instant tan, then look no further.