Pro Tan Get Buffed 237ml Pro Tan Get Buffed 237ml

Pro Tan Get Buffed 237ml


A skin balancing, pre-tan exfoliator.

Optimise Pro Tans sunless tanning formulas performance by first using Pro Tan Get Buffed.

Get Buffed enhances the absorption of the Pro Tan self-tanning formulas.

Get a longer lasting sunless tan with the Get Buffed gentle exfoliator making skin smooth.
Made with vitamins, natural exfoliators and plant extracts providing the ultimate pre-tan experience.

Get Buffed Benefits/Highlights:
- Really easy to use.
- Will make tanning products last longer.
- Exfoliates.
- Enriched with plant extract and vitamins.
- Lime, mango and citrus fresh scent.
- Specifically designed to work with Pro Tan tanning products.
- Balances your skins pH levels.

Useful Tip: Be sure to use before applying Pro Tan sunless tanning formulas for best results.

Step 1. Pre Tan Preparation:
It is important to prepare your skin properly before using any self-tanning formula. This can be accomplished by using Hair Away Gentle 4 Minute Hair Removing Formula and Get Buffed Pre-Tan Body Scrub.

Now that your skin is hair free & clean (after using hair away), you need to exfoliate and balance your skins pH levels. This is where Get Buffed comes in. Get Buffed uses exotic plant extracts and gentle exfoliators to provide the ultimate pre-tan experience. This is a crucial step that will maximise your tanning results.