Pro Supps Vexxum Fat Burner Pro Supps Vexxum Fat Burner

Pro Supps Vexxum Fat Burner


Amplify weight-loss and suppress cravings and appetite with Pro Supps Vexxum.*

Vexxum is Pro Supps’ thermogenic capsule that is designed to prime your body to support optimal weight loss.* Vexxum combines the three-stage caffeine blend that is included in Mr Hyde along with appetite control ingredients and mood support.

With a convenient one-a-day dose, Vexxum by Pro Supps includes Cocoa Seed Extract (Cocoabuteral), and TeaCrine Theacrine along with other caffeine sources to support fat-melting potential and endless energy.*

Benefits/Features of Pro Supps Vexxum:
- Mood Support
- Appetite Control
- Three State Caffeine Blend for Long-Lasting Energy
- Ultra-Concentrated, Intense Thermogenic Metaboliser
- One cap daily dose

Pro Supps Vexxum may support burning extra calories, have more energy for throughout the day and support weight loss.*