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Pro Supps I Load


Boost protein synthesis and promote the uptake of amino acids into your muscle tissue.

Short for Insulin Load, I-Load by Pro Supps was designed to force anabolic nutrients, amino acids, creatine and carbohydrates into muscle tissue as well as increase your insulin sensitivity.

I-Load by Pro Supps works by pulling glucose out of your blood and transferring it into your muscle. By doing this, your body works more efficiently and keeps insulin sensitivity maximised.

Pro Supps I-Load can support blood flow, insulin receptor sensitivity, potassium uptake and can enhance nutrient partitioning. This means driving stored food energy and food into building muscle instead of fat stores.

Any athlete consuming 25-50 grams of carbs, can benefit from using I-Load and it can be used with whole food meals as well. Utilise I-Load during contest prep to make sure you are using the nutrients obtained from your carb containing meals.