PECS Protein Coffee PECS Protein Coffee

PECS Protein Coffee

Increase your protein intake with your daily coffee(s)!
PECS Premium Coffee Blend with hydrolysed whey protein combines protein with coffee that dissolves easily in hot water.
  • Increased energy
  • Increased physical performance
  • Helps the burning of calories through increased thermogenesis
  • Increased mental focus

Of course, you'll still need to lift heavy things and eat a balanced diet, but by just drinking PECS Coffee Blend you'll be able to increase your protein intake by 2g per cup!

PECS premium coffee blend was developed in conjunction with the University of Auckland. Protein normally coagulates at temperatures over 60 degrees celsius so PECS needed to develop a product that acted more like normal instant coffee and would not result in an undrinkable... sludge.

PECS coffee is over 35% protein per serving.

Directions: Mix one heaped teaspoon (or as desired) with hot water and serve.