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Optimum Natural 100% Whey 4.8lb


Why include Optimum Nutrition Natural 100% Whey Protein in Your Diet

Whey Protein Isolates have 90% pure protein in weight. They are among the purest forms of whey protein that exist. That's why Optimum Nutrition has included them as the major ingredient in the Gold Standard Natural 100% Whey formula. Using Whey Protein Isolate as the primary source, this product packs 24g of extremely pure, muscle-building protein in each serving with minimal fat, lactose, cholesterol and the other stuff that you want to avoid. This superior protein mix is undoubtedly the product that sets a high industry standard for protein supplements.

The benefits of choosing Natural 100% Whey

  • No artificial stuff - Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey has a 100% pure whey protein isolate mix contributing 24g of protein per serving.
  • No added flavours, colours or sweeteners - If you are working towards strict fitness goals, you may not want to consume extra calories in the form of flavours, colours or sweeteners. The great news about Natural 100% Whey is that it is created free of all flavours, colours and sweeteners.
  • Whey isolates are the primary protein source - The best part about isolates is that they are fast-acting. In the purest form, protein is easily digested and absorbed in the body. This enables accelerated muscle growth and recovery post-workout sessions.
  • Higher pure protein percentage - When building muscle, it pays to invest in more protein that is in the purest form. Complex proteins require time to be broken down and absorbed. That's why Optimum Nutrition Natural 100% Whey is such a great choice for quick gymming results.
  • Provides Whey Protein micro-fractions - Microfraction ingredients are derived from dairy sources. This means that the resulting protein extract is as pure as it is of the highest quality.
  • Over 5g of BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) - Branched Chain Amino Acids play an important role in enhancing muscle development and expansion of muscle fibres. By choosing ON Natural 100% Whey, you receive both your protein isolates and BCAAs as per the recommended dose in each serving.
  • Low carb content - If you are focused on building lean muscle, you need to watch your carb consumption. You can do this effortlessly by choosing ON Natural 100% Whey as your source of protein.

Need a low carb, flavour and colour-free source of protein? ON Natural Whey is the right product for you!

Directions For Use:
To encourage a positive nitrogen balance, consume approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day from a combination of high protein foods and supplements. For even better results, consume your daily protein allotment over 4-6 small meals spread evenly throughout the day.