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Optimum Gold Standard Gainer 10lb


Why You Need ON Mass Gainer Now

Working towards building muscle mass? Spending hours in the gym for weight training? Changed your complete diet to favour mass gain? It may just not be enough. To build muscle mass, you need consistent delivery of a certain amount of calories. What you choose to snack on in between meals and post-workout matters. Optimum Nutrition Mass Gainer is the perfect in-between meals and post-workout snack to help you achieve your gym goals.

Benefits of choosing Optimum Nutrition's Mass Gainer

ON Gold Standard Gainer is derived from purely dairy proteins, mostly in the isolate form. Unlike other brands, Optimum Nutrition uses carbohydrates from completely natural sources such as oats, peas and potatoes. The fats present in ON unique mass gainer formula includes chain triglycerides, chia and flax. And that's not the best part. Even though the mix has complex ingredients, it doesn't require a blender for preparation. ON mass gainer shakes can be effortlessly made using a simple shaker cup and spoon. This is simply the easiest way to support your weight gain.

  • Complete proteins from primary isolate sources - Gold Standard Gainer sources proteins from dairy products in the isolate form. Proteins in the isolate form are fast-acting, accelerating muscle growth after workout sessions. That's what makes Gold Standard Gainer a great after-workout drink.
  • Complex carbohydrates - Why complex carbohydrates? Well, simple carbohydrates are easily oxidised to produce instant energy. Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, are harder to break down. This means that they are slowly oxidised through the day, releasing small amounts of energy consistently, over a period of time.
  • Healthy fats - Gold Standard Gainer has healthy fats from Flax seeds, Chia seeds and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). MCT's are known to reduce blood sugar while enhancing ketogenesis, which is great for muscle building.
  • Easy mixing with cold water and milk - What's the point of having a nutritious mass gainer mix if it isn't easily soluble or digestible? Gold Standard Mass Gainer mixes very easily with cold water and milk, making it super-easy to prepare in between meals and post-workout sessions.
  • Tested for banned substances - ON Gold Standard Mass Gainer has only natural, high-quality ingredients and strictly includes no banned substances. You can read through the nutrition facts on the label to see that only the best, healthy ingredients have been used to create the Gainer epic mix.

Need a nutritious, fast-acting post-workout drink or in-between meal snack? ON Mass Gainer is the perfect choice for you!