Nuzest Kids Good Stuff 225g Nuzest Kids Good Stuff 225g Nuzest Kids Good Stuff 225g Nuzest Kids Good Stuff 225g

Nuzest Kids Good Stuff 225g


Keep your kids happy and healthy - from the inside, out!

Made with real fruit and veg and bursting with protein, calcium and probiotics - all in a tasty chocolate shake, that kids love!

Nuzest has designed this formula, specifically with children's needs in mind. Packed full of vitamins and minerals plus other great stuff, that you simply couldn't get from capsules or gummy vitamins, this smoothie formula contains everything your kid needs for a great start to the day - and a great start in life!

Kids Good Stuff helps to fill any nutritional gaps in their diet, to improve their overall immune system strength. With 200mg calcium per serve and 8g of plant-based protein, minerals, digestive enzymes, berries and greens this unique, child-friendly formula supports healthy bones and development of growing muscles.

Nuzest Kids Good Stuff is loaded with pre and probiotics for improved digestion and gut health support, plus Nuzest has combined over 11 different fruit and veg for long-lasting energy throughout the day and happier, healthier insides.

Key benefits of Kids Good Stuff

  • Provides all-in-one nutritional support, in an easy and convenient smoothie that kids love!
  • Easy to digest and easy to absorb formula, perfect for sensitive tummies
  • Super tasty - even for the fussiest of eaters!
  • Bursting with goodness, to keep your little ones healthy and strong
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free formula safe for those with food allergies and intolerances
  • Contains zero bad stuff, low in sugar and non-GMO so you can rest assured, you're only giving them what they need - and nothing that they don't!

Kids are what they eat - it's so important they get enough nutrients from what they eat to support their growth and development, immunity and digestion. Nuzest has expertly balanced this natural formula, with the right mix of nutrients, that work together in synergy. Kids Good Stuff is a great way to help your little ones fight off germs and tackle everything that life throws at them.

Kids Good Stuff is designed specifically for happy, healthy brains, with nutrients designed for better concentration and focus. Give your kids the energy to live, learn, grow and play - bursting with B vitamins to keep them alert and responsive when learning and playing.

Nuzest has made this awesome micronutrient smoothie mix, tasty enough even for fussy eaters - say bye-bye to meal-time battles, they won't even know it's healthy! Grab a tub in one of these awesome flavours, like Rich Chocolate, Vanilla Caramel or Wild Strawberry from Sportsfuel today!

Help your kids get all the nutrients they need, to support their growing bodies and keep them happy, healthy and strong.

Directions for use

Nuzest Kids Good Stuff can be added to water or milk, blended with fresh fruit, yoghurt, nut butter or oats for a tasty-filling breakfast, made into bliss balls or added into baking. Best enjoyed in the morning.

Suitable for children aged 4-14 years.

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