Nutrex Glutamine Drive 150g Nutrex Glutamine Drive 150g

Nutrex Glutamine Drive 150g


Support high muscular Glutamine levels and reduce muscle breakdown!

Add Nutrex Glutamine Drive to your supplement stack to support muscle tissue growth and repair. Consume Glutamine Drive daily to maximise your lean muscle building goals.

L-Glutamine is unflavoured and can be easily added to your post-workout supplement or meal to prime your body for faster muscle tissue growth and enhance muscle repair.

Glutamine is naturally produced by your body, but when you are doing intense training session regularly and are dieting, your Glutamine levels can start to deplete which in turn creates muscle tissue breakdown. Adding Glutamine into your supplement stack helps to prevent this from happening.

Supplement facts

Serving size 1 scoop (5g)

Serves per container 30