Natures Nurse Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub 80g Natures Nurse Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub 80g Natures Nurse Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub 80g

Natures Nurse Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub 80g


Now you can get back to the sport you love with Nature's Nurse Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub.

This rub helps rapidly relieve and repair sports injuries and prepares the body for training and strenuous exercise.

A must for every sportsperson, to help you perform at your best in the sports you love.

Great for recovery after traumatic injuries such as sprains, ruptures, fractures or scar tissue (on unbroken skin only).

Exercise and Training Use:
- Increases effectiveness of warm-up for stiff muscles and tight ligaments which helps minimise injury.
- Provides fast relief for sore or injured areas.
- Reduces micro-tearing and inflammatory response.
- Improves the speed of recovery after training or events.

Nature's Nurse-only use plant extracts at levels which really work, over 10x more active ingredients than other muscle rubs and the only one with a natural fast-acting analgesic ingredient, so you can Recover Rapidly (and 100% naturally).

Be a careful consumer, know what you are using on your skin. The ingredients in Nature's Nurse Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub are 100% natural pure plant-based and highly effective. They are carefully selected for their high level of effectiveness and are at therapeutic dosages. Many other rubs contain very low levels of ingredients and often have harmful additives. Read the labels and you will see our rub has 10x more active effective ingredients and is 100% natural.

- Arnica to help reduce swelling and bruising
- MSM (natural mineral analgesic from leafy green plants) for rapid natural pain relief
- Comfrey leaf extract (to help heal tendons, ligaments and scar tissue),
- Colloidal minerals (used as building blocks for tissue and muscle repair)
- Peppermint essential oil (cooling and reviving for hot overused muscles and joints)

Here's why Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub is fantastic:

- Deals with the problems fast. Starts working in 4 minutes to soothe sports injury, overtraining, strains and bruising, keeps working for up to 4 hours. Ideal to use before and after exercise.No limits on how often to use - Apply as often as required on unbroken skin, at least 4 times for acute injuries. (Seek medical advice if symptoms worsen or do not reduce rapidly)

- Cares for you at every level. Provides fast-acting relief from injury. Help reduce swelling and bruising. Helps cool inflamed areas. Provides 56 trace colloidal minerals, the building blocks for our bodies repair. Supports rapid repair of tendons and ligaments.

- Uses a synergistic blend of plant ingredients at highly effective levels, over 10x more than other rubs on the market and with only the best carefully selected ingredients blended for rapid recovery from a sports injury and training aches. No nasty synthetics. No potentially harmful toxic ingredients. Uses only the best from nature, 100% pure, plant-based and natural.

- Deeply penetrating, but with no painful burning after effect. Non-greasy, easy to rub in the cream. Fast absorption of the rub allows you to tape your sports injury quickly, just rub in thoroughly and allow 5 or so minutes for the rub to be absorbed then tape, with no messy washdown. Ideal for sports teams and physios.

- Fresh smelling herbal mint aroma, no strong locker room odour. Cooling, hypoallergenic, non-greasy and pleasant to use.

Active Ingredients:
Arnica montana extract 50mg/g - reduces swelling & bruising, rapidly aids recovery, assist warm up.
Methylsuphonyl-methan (MSM) 50mg/g - natural mineral gives safe, fast-acting relief from injury increases ligament stretch.