Mutant Test 180 Caps Mutant Test 180 Caps

Mutant Test 180 Caps


Jack your test levels for noticeable muscle gains and bigger lifts, by including Mutant Test in your iron-pumping plan and nutrition plan.

The NEW Mutant Test formula utilises 6 targeted ingredients that include the clinically tested MacaTest and Testosurge for the ultimate testosterone boost!

Mutant Test protects and maximises your testosterone by using a dual-action pathway. This means that they minimise the conversion of testosterone to DHT (which is a male hormone linked to negative androgenic side effects) and also inhibits the aromatase enzyme (estrogen).

Mutant Test inhibits estrogen (the aromatase enzyme), which in turn minimises unwanted side effects such as gynecomastia and edema. Mutant Test also protects your testosterone by destroying the enzyme responsible for destroying your testosterone. By inhibiting estrogen, your body can produce more testosterone without it being destroyed.

Mutant Test has been scientifically proven to significantly increase total testosterone levels using just a single dose. This formula has also been proven to increase free unbound‚ testosterone levels that can activate testosterone receptors in your body for increasing strength and muscle growth.