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MusclePharm Combat Sport Protein


Want to fuel intense workout sessions with extra energy? Consider choosing MusclePharm Combat as a protein source. People who train hard deserve extra energy. MusclePharm Combat is a gluten-free powder with protein from 5 sources. MusclePharm Combat provides 25g of protein per serving, which will easily manage your protein source.

Benefits of choosing MusclePharm Combat as your protein source

MusclePharm has a mix of proteins that get digested at different rates. This unique mix of proteins increases the energy generated and helps fuel your muscles over long periods of time. Formulated for athletes and those who train hard at the gym.

  • Whey protein isolate - MusclePharm Combat has whey protein isolates, which are digested and absorbed by the body very easily, producing instant energy.
  • Partially hydrolyzed whey protein - Enables rapid infusion of amino acids, which are made available by proteins that have been broken down into easily absorbable peptides.
  • Micellar Casein - Slowly digestible protein, Micellar Casein produces amino acids over an extended period of time, protecting muscles from being damaged.
  • Whey protein concentrate - Contains real, complex food compounds such as lactoferrins and alpha lactoglobulins, which are more similar to whole food types than other types.
  • Egg albumen - This component consists of a large amount of arginine and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids), which are critical in the muscle building and recovery process.
  • Digestive enzyme blend - When complex proteins are being digested together, they require special enzymes that help with the degradation of protein and the release of energy. These enzymes are involved in the oxidation of key muscle-building proteins.

MusclePharm Combat is a special mix of complex and isolated proteins which are supposed to increase the energy produced for intense workouts. The protein also contains digestive enzymes that are supposed to help with breakdown to release energy consistently. If youre looking for muscle-building and extra energy, MusclePharm Combat is a great option for you.