Horleys Ripped Factors Protein 2.5kg Chocolate Horleys Ripped Factors Protein 2.5kg Chocolate Horleys Ripped Factors Protein 2.5kg

Horleys Ripped Factors Protein Powder 2.5kg


Advanced Fat Loss Protein for Serious Trainers

Ripped Factors is now better than ever: more protein (ICE Whey Protein Isolate), fewer carbs, more fat loss ingredients including Citrimax, carnitine, caffeine and chromium plus superior absorption with Bioperine. Complete nutritional support; THE best protein for helping you strip fat and preserve muscle when you're training hard.

Horleys Ripped Factor Product Features:

  • ICE Whey Technology; 100% Whey Protein Isolate, maximum natural BCAA content
  • Boosted with hydrolysed isolate fractions for rapid and complete protein absorption
  • C4 Fat Metaboliser Complex for multi-staged enhancement of lipid metabolism
  • 17 vitamins and minerals plus Bioperine, a nutrient absorption enhancer
  • Zero sugar, ultra low fat
  • Mixes instantly

Who should use it

  • Men and women engaged in regular resistance training wanting to maximise fat loss to reveal muscle definition
  • Anyone wanting an advanced protein crammed with fat-loss factors to assist with a weight management program
  • Meal replacement or post-workout recovery

When to Use Horleys Ripped Factors Protein

Recommended use: up to three servings per day. Serving times will be dependent upon your training regime.

Suggestions: one serving of Ripped Factors in water approximately one hour before a workout, a second serving 60 minutes after completing exercise (in non-fat milk) and a third as breakfast or as a mid-morning or afternoon snack; in milk or fruit juice.

Why don't we use starch (carb) blockers in such an advanced fat loss supplement?

Why would you? This is a highly purified protein supplement with negligible (i.e. virtually ZERO) carbs in it. Unless you're going to blend up your Ripped Factors shake with a potato, a starch blocker would be completely useless.

In addition, phaseolamin based blockers contain anti-nutritional factors that may negatively affect the protein efficiency ratio. Worse, they could adversely impact your nitrogen balance; we certainly don't recommend mixing starch or carb blockers with your protein supplements. In fact, if you're training seriously, you don't need starch blockers at all: they are for people with no discipline who can't stick to a clean diet, and that's NOT you.