Horleys Ripped Black Thermogenic 70caps Horleys Ripped Black Thermogenic 70caps

Horleys Ripped Black Thermogenic 70caps


Promotes Fat oxidation, Increases Metabolic Rate and Enhances Mental Focus

If you're serious about shredding fat, Ripped Black is the ultimate exothermic ignition system. A combination of powerful natural ingredients to boost your workout intensity and support your metabolism.

Delivers 100mg caffeine per capsule from all-natural sources including green coffee and green tea.

Green Coffee Bean
Increases mental alertness & athletic performance
Green Tea Extract
Increases fat burning, calories burned & acts as an antioxidant
Increases metabolic rate, mental focus, performance
Citrus aurantium
Increases metabolic rate
White Willow
Enhances & extends potency of the formulation
Garcinia quaesita
Blocks conversion of carbs to fat
Stimulates circulation & digestion. May increase metabolic rate
Yerba Mate
Increases metabolic rate
Aids blood sugar metabolism. Helps control blood sugar spikes
Wellbeing & energy enhancer

Directions for Use:
For Natural Daily Energy Enhancement: 1 capsule at 9 am and/or 1 capsule at 2 pm.
For Weight Management: 1 capsule with a glass of water before breakfast and 1 capsule mid-afternoon.
As a Pre-Workout Amplifier: 1 capsule with one service Horleys CreatineXtreme.
For Fat Loss (in conjunction with exercise): 2 capsules upon waking, 2 capsules before your workout.

Do not exceed three capsules per day. Caffeine sensitive individuals should not consume more than one capsule at a time. Don't take more than two capsules per day if you are also using Harleys Ripped Factors Protein.