Hemp Farm Pure Hemp Seed Oil 240cap Hemp Farm Pure Hemp Seed Oil 240cap

Hemp Farm Pure Hemp Seed Oil 240cap


Hemp Farms certified organic hemp capsules are carefully handled from grower to you. After being grown organically in pristine rural Canada, the oil is gently cold-pressed by experts to create the highest quality hemp seed oil in the world. It is then shipped fresh to New Zealand, where it is encapsulated and packed with oxygen absorbers to lock in freshness. The oil in our organic hemp capsules is pro-cert organic and USDA approved.

Recommended daily intake 3 to 6 capsules.

Ingredients per capsule:
Certified Organic Canadian Hemp Seed Oil 1000mg.

Softgel capsule:
Gelatin, purified water, vanilla essence

Storing your hemp seed oil capsules:

Ideally: Store it in the fridge or cool cupboard.

All of the omega fatty acids in healthy oils can become less healthy if stored improperly. This is what is often called rancidity. This process can be slowed down by storing oils in a cool, dark place with little exposure to oxygen, heat and light, which increases the rate of reaction. The darker and cooler, the better! Protecting hemp seed oil for the life of the container ensures you get the same excellent ratio of omega fatty acids, right to the last capsule!