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How Ghost Lifestyle Size can help you to gain muscle faster

Are you focused on gaining muscle at the gym? Are you working out relentlessly to see barely any progress? The only reason why you are failing could be your nutrition. What you consume massively affects muscle gains. You could be missing vital nutrients critical to mass gain; vital nutrients that are present in Ghost Lifestyle Size.

What are the benefits of including Ghost Lifestyle Size in your diet?

Ghost Lifestyle Sizes formula is the best combination of new school and old school muscle builders, designed to make your gains as quick and effective as Photoshop. Here's a list of the Ghost Size specialities responsible for maximising your gains:

  • 5g of yielded Creatine - Ghost Lifestyle size is the first-ever product to have fully transparent, 5g of this vital nutrient.
  • Optimum levels of Betaine - Ghost Lifestyle Size is the only product to have the maximum clinically advised dosage of this vital nutrient.
  • Carnosyn Beta-Alanine - This element enhances the muscle-building abilities of Creatine.
  • Full 200MG dose Epicatechin - This is one of the most sought-after muscle-developing elements in the market.
  • Max clinical dose Astragin - This ingredient enhances the body's ability to absorb important amino acids, proteins and glucose.
  • GHOST Full Disclosure Label - Ghost Lifestyle Size is a product that transparently lists its ingredients and the quantities in which they are present within it. When working on muscle-building and definition, it's critical to know what and how much of what you are consuming.

Why Ghost Lifestyle Size is exactly what you need to accelerate gains

Most brands include Creatine in their formula, but you should know that Creatine isn't 100% pure. This means that you are left with a lot less than 5g of Creatine when you consume other brands products.

With Ghost, you get a beefed-up Creatine formula (3.21G HCl & 2.84G Monohydrate) that delivers a life-sized, maximum amount of Creatine.

Ghost also contains Betaine, which drives some epic muscle-building results. Some brands add only 500mg because it's enough to begin seeing results. But at Ghost, we believe only in clinical doses, so you get a complete 2.5G of Betaine in every serving.

Finally, Ghost also follows the 3.2G+ of Beta-Alanine per day as recommended by clinical studies to be provided in split dosages. So you also experience the goodness of 2G of Beta-Alanine per serving.

Want to gain muscle, fast? Ghost Lifestyle Size is the perfect supplement for you - check also out the other great Ghost products!