Eat Me Lean Shake 1kg Chocolate Eat Me Lean Shake 1kg Chocolate

Eat Me Lean Shake 1kg


Eat Me Lean Shake: High-quality Isolate Protein in delicious flavours

100% Isolate has been replaced by the new and exciting Lean Shake range. Lean Shake is still made with 100% Isolate (WPI) and now makes a thicker, more creamy shake. Try our new flavours including Swiss Chocolate, Vanilla Creme and the yummy iced coffee flavour, Trim Latte. Lean Shake is available in a small 450-gram size and a 1KG pack.

Lean Shake is your perfect partner to assist with weight management, fat loss and muscle toning. This high protein, low-calorie shake complements your exercise program and is perfect for breakfast, snacking, energy on the go and post-exercise recovery.

Lean Shake Key Facts: Here's how Lean Shake helps you to lose weight!

  • You feel fuller, which means you're less inclined to overeat.
  • You enjoy a steady release of energy.
  • You have more stable blood sugar levels for better appetite control.
  • Your metabolism gets a lift.

Lean Shake is designed for anyone who wants help with weight control, aiming to sculpt a lean physique, looking for extra protein in their diet, wants a healthy smart snacking choice and anyone who prefers a shake for breakfast or lunch.

Lean shake is made with 100% Isolate and contains:

  • No added sugar
  • No Gluten
  • And it's low in lactose