Dynamik Gamma Ray Pre Workout Melon Dynamik Gamma Ray Pre Workout Melon

Dynamik Gamma Ray Pre Workout


Take Gamma-Ray by Dynamik Muscle for Incredible Pumps and Vascularity!

Gamma-Ray by Kai Green's Dynamik Muscle, is Stimulant Free and the ultimate Nitric Oxide Booster.

Gamma-Ray is levelling the playing field to bring you closer to getting the same results as the athletes with the top physiques in the world. These athletes can increase their blood flow from and to the muscle better than the average person. That’s where Gamma-Ray comes in.

Gamma-Ray provides the opportunity for new muscle mass by allowing nutrients to travel through blood vessels quickly and by creating the ultimate anabolic environment for Aminos to rush into muscle. Look great in the gym while training, and build muscle at a faster rate when you’re not in the gym.

The main ingredients in Dynamik Muscle Gamma-Ray include; Hydromax, a concentrated form of glycerol that transports fluid and blood to muscle tissue to create that anabolic environment to support recovery and growth, Citrulline Malate 2:1, an ingredient is widely known for its ability to increase blood flow, increase lean mass and deliver amino to skeletal muscle, Epicatechin, that slows down the release of myostatin from muscles allowing a steady increase in muscle mass and last but not least, Agmatine Sulfate, its benefits include increased energy, antioxidant properties, improved nitric oxide production and insulin production.