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Chaos Crew Bring The Chaos Pre-Workout


Powerful Pre-Workout - Bring The Chaos to Your Training!

Get ready to take your workouts to the next level with Chaos Crew's Bring The Chaos, an incredibly powerful and highly potent pre-workout formula. Packed with a whopping 15.1g scoop per serving, this pre-workout delivers intense energy that kicks in within minutes, setting you up for an explosive training session.

Experience the Benefits:

  1. Intense Energy: Experience a surge of unstoppable energy that propels you through even the most challenging workouts.

  2. Laser Focus: Harness the energy with the help of focus-boosting choline bitartrate, keeping you dialed in and mentally sharp throughout your training session.

  3. Endurance and Anti-Fatigue: Benefit from a massive dose of beta-alanine and taurine, supporting endurance and reducing exercise-induced fatigue.

  4. 100% Transparent Label: Unlike other products, Bring The Chaos provides full transparency with zero proprietary blends, disclosing dosages of each active ingredient.

  5. Muscle Pump Support: Amplify your muscle pump with 4g of L-Citrulline, equivalent to the citrulline content in 8g of Citrulline Malate. L-Citrulline enhances nitric oxide levels, promoting increased blood flow and nutrient delivery to your muscles, resulting in epic muscle pumps.

  6. Nootropic Support: Bring The Chaos includes expensive nootropics to avoid relying solely on mega-high doses of caffeine. These nootropics enhance cognitive function, helping you achieve consistent, brilliant workouts without overstimulating your adrenal glands.

  7. Decreases Muscle Fatigue: Beta-Alanine in the formula supports the production of Carnosine, reducing fatigue and increasing your workload and time to exhaustion.

  8. Improves Focus and Mood: L-Tyrosine and Eria Jarensis work together to increase neurotransmitter levels, such as Dopamine and Noradrenaline, enhancing concentration, alertness, and mood.

  9. Increased Energy: Caffeine in Bring The Chaos delivers a powerful pre-workout hit, known to improve focus, mood, fat burning, and pain tolerance.


Directions: How to Use Bring The Chaos

Mix 1 scoop of Bring The Chaos with 250-300ml water or your favourite beverage 20-30 minutes before your workout. Assess your tolerance with half a scoop before progressing to a full serving.

Dosage: Recommended Consumption

For optimal results, take one scoop of Bring The Chaos per workout session. Avoid exceeding more than two scoops in 24 hours.


Betaine Anhydrous, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Eria Jarensis, Caffeine, and other scientifically researched and proven ingredients.


  1. Who can benefit from Bring The Chaos?
    Bring The Chaos is ideal for fitness enthusiasts seeking an extreme pre-workout experience, including athletes and gym-goers looking to push their physical limits.

  2. Is Bring The Chaos suitable for beginners?
    While Bring The Chaos is extremely potent, beginners can start with half a scoop to assess their tolerance before progressing to a full serving.

  3. Can I stack Bring The Chaos with other supplements?
    Bring The Chaos can be stacked with other non-stimulant supplements, but it's essential to monitor your caffeine intake to avoid overstimulation.

  4. How long does the energy last after taking Bring The Chaos?
    The energy effects of Bring The Chaos typically last for a few hours, providing ample time for a high-intensity workout.

  5. Are there any side effects to using Bring The Chaos?
    As with any pre-workout, individual responses may vary. It's crucial to follow the recommended dosage and avoid exceeding the maximum daily intake. If you have any specific health concerns, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before use.