BSN Syntha 6 Protein 4.5kg BSN Syntha 6 Protein 4.5kg

BSN Syntha 6 Protein Powder 4.5kg


Ultra-premium, blended protein formula from BSN!

BSN Syntha-6 has been designed to support muscle protein synthesis, muscle growth and kick-starting the recovery process.

With a delicious milkshake-like taste, Syntha-6 from BSN provides 22 grams of protein per serving and is the favourite BSN protein powder on the market. This protein formula not only includes essential fatty acids and amino acids, but it's also a great source of fibre, which means that you're getting a great multi-functional and nutritious supplement.

BSN has designed all of their supplements so that they complement one another. Add other BSN products such as NO Xplode pre-workout and AminoX BCAA formula for a great, basic supplement stack designed to help you keep the gains you're working so hard for.