Balance 100% Whey Natural 750g Chocolate Balance 100% Whey Natural 750g Chocolate

Balance 100% Whey 750g


100% Whey Natural provides branched-chain amino acids with 22 grams per 100 grams of protein!

The Balance 100% Whey Natural formula is free of artificial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives and colours and is also 100% Gluten Free, a formula to fit all diets.

Not all whey protein supplements are the same! Many of the products on the market today are filled with artificial ingredients that may not be conducive to your diet. Balance 100% Whey Natural stands out for its completely natural formula, which is free of artificial flavours, preservatives and colours. The formula is also low in carbs and sweetened with natural stevia. It's even gluten-free for those with sensitivity concerns and Celiac disease.

Available in Chocolate and Vanilla as well as an Unflavoured variety for use in recipes, Balance 100% Whey Natural mixes quickly and provides a complete profile of amino acids, including 22 grams of branched-chain amino acids per 100 grams. The whey protein powder is made in New Zealand and is perfect for your post-workout smoothie.