R3P Life Collagen Peptides R3P Life Collagen Peptides

R3P Life Collagen Peptides


R3P LIFE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES are sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised, bovine hides

Contains collagen peptides derived from bovine sources fed a diet of natural grass, other forage and select feeds, raised without artificial hormones or steroids. Ingredients in this product are not genetically modified. Suitable for many eating programs including keto and paleo diets.

Why it's awesome:

  • Helps support healthy joints and skin
  • The gut-friendly formula, hydrolyzed for easy digestion
  • Stir, mix or blend into hot or room temperature liquids
  • Goes great in coffee and recipes
  • Contains Type 1 & 3 collagen

Key benefits:

  • 1.11g of Collagen
  • 2.1 Simple Ingredient
  • 3.Major Health Benefits
  • Available in Unflavoured and Vanilla
  • 38 servings per container