Pro Tan Bodybuilder Bronze 206.5ml Pro Tan Bodybuilder Bronze 206.5ml

Pro Tan Bodybuilder Bronze 206.5ml


Instant Black Walnut Tone Competition Colour.

Pro Tan Bodybuilder Bronze is an ultra-dark, bronzing mousse that provides a dark, walnut colour that is perfect for all competitions! This product dries quickly, is easy to apply and fades evenly.

Pro Tan Bodybuilder Bronze is ideal for fitness models, bodybuilder, actresses, actors and anyone who wants a beautifully dark instant tan.

Bodybuilder Bronze Benefits/Highlights:
- Airbrush quality results.
- Fast and easy application.
- Is the ultimate contest colour.
- An easy wash off formula.
- Is the darkest tan available.

Useful Tips: Apply directly over Pro Tan Overnight Competition Colour for the deepest results. To get the perfect glisten and to seal in colour, apply Pro Tan Show Shine or Pro Tan Muscle Juice to your physique just before you step on stage. Wash off easily with water and soap.

Step 3. Competition Colour:
We all know that when its time for your event or photo shoot, you need to take your colour to the next level. In the previous step, you have learned to how develop a solid base tan and also how to properly prepare your skin. Pro Tan Bodybuilder Bronze is a non-streaking sunless tan formula that provides the ultimate deep dark tan. Bodybuilder Bronze give you a natural looking black walnut colour that washes of with water and soap immediately after use. Bodybuilder Bronze gives you the ultimate contest colour and can also be used for filming, photography and modelling.