Pro Tan Bikini Bite 84ml Pro Tan Bikini Bite 84ml

Pro Tan Bikini Bite 84ml


A non-slip suit fastener to hold everything in place while in competition!

Bikini Bite provides superior holding powder for hours and its gentle to your skin. Control when you want them to see it and what you want with Bikini Bite.

Washes off easily with water and soap and it wont stain your bikini.

Bikini Bite Benefits/Highlights:
- Is safe for your skin.
- Is very easy to apply.
- Keeps your suit from slipping.
- Washes off easily with soap and water.
- Can be used to keep most fabrics adhered to your skin.

Useful Tips: If the roller-ball doesnt roll easily, hold under hot water unit it rolls freely.

Step 4. Contest Finishers:
To put your physique on display, then you will need to highlight it properly. Pro Tan offers several products that will provide you with the perfect sheen and also product that will help to keep your outfits where they should be and to highlight your vascularity. For those athletes who worry about keeping their posing trunks or costumes in place, then look at Pro Tans Bikini Bite. This gentle roll on formula helps keep garments gently adhered for hours and washes off easily with soap and water.