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Pro Supps ISO-P3 Whey Isolate Protein Powder 2lb


ProSupps IsoP3 was created to not only be the highest quality protein on the market today, but to change the way you think about protein. Containing 25g of complete, premium isolate protein sources. IsoP3 goes beyond ‘just’ whey protein isolate. Harnessing the power of multiple protein sources including whey protein isolate and whey hydrolsate, IsoP3 is designed to not only ignite protein synthesis, but keep amino acid levels elevated for hours, maximising your potential for growth and repair. Don’t just settle, raise the bar and expect more from your protein with the 3 isolate source IsoP3.

ProSupps IsoP3 features:

  • 25g of Premium 3-Source Isolate Protein per serving
  • Immediate & sustained release protein system
  • Promotes optimal protein synthesis & amino acid levels
  • Zero concentrate proteins
  • No Gluten or Added Sugars