NutraLife Joint Bio-Flex NutraLife Joint Bio-Flex

NutraLife Joint Bio-Flex

Nutra-Life Joint Bio-Flex contains scientifically researched 5-LOXIN™, a high potency form of Boswellia which is 10 x stronger than traditional Boswellia extracts. It is standardised to contain 30% AKBA (the main active ingredient) in Boswellia.
5-LOXIN™ has been shown to support joint mobility, comfort and connective tissue repair and starts working from 7 days^. Joint Bio-flex combines 3 key joint ingredients, 5-LOXIN™, Glucosamine and Vitamin C – supports joint cartilage, collagen and connective tissue.
  • Triple action joint support
  • Starts working from 7 days^
  • Contains scientifically researched 5-LOXIN™
^Individual experience may vary.