Balance 100% Pure L Glutamine 150g Balance 100% Pure L Glutamine 150g

Balance 100% Pure L Glutamine 150g


Assists with muscle tissue recovery and helps the body manufacture lean muscle tissue.

Provides support so that the immune system keeps functioning properly and can shorten the length of time that you need to rest between workouts.

Without the amino acid glutamine, your body simply can't produce new muscle cells, making it important that you take steps to replace this essential nutrient after workouts.

Balance 100% Pure L-Glutamine lets you meet your body's needs for glutamine with a simple standalone supplement option. When used after workouts, this high-quality dietary supplement supports recovery and has even been shown to shorten the length of the recovery period, so that bodybuilders can get back in the gym sooner.

Easy to mix, Balance 100% Pure L-Glutamine provides a potent dose of glutamine that the body can use to build protein fibres, repair muscle tissue and develop new muscle. The single ingredient product also contributes to overall health by promoting proper digestive functioning and strengthening the immune system.

Bottle size: 150g Powder

Active Ingredients
Per Serving (5g)
Energy - Kilocalories 18
-kiloJoules 76
L-Glutamine 5g
Carbohydrate Nil
Protein 4.5g
Fat Nil
Sodium Nil
Pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine

Recommended Use
5g (1 metric teaspoon).
May be added to carbohydrate foods or non-acid fruit juice or other cold beverage. Stir and serve.