Balance 100% Pure Beta Alanine 150g Balance 100% Pure Beta Alanine 150g

Balance 100% Pure Beta Alanine 150g


Helps you to work out for longer and at full capacity by keeping your energy levels elevated and reducing lactic acid build-up to minimize soreness.

Promotes lean muscle mass development and allows you to make more powerful and explosive movements during reps.

While all amino acids are important for muscle development, beta-alanine has been proven to be of particular importance for those who want to sculpt lean, muscular physiques.

Balance 100% Pure Beta Alanine allows you to get the benefits of beta-alanine easily with a standalone supplement that treats you to nothing but the purest, highest potency beta-alanine available.

By supporting the production of the amino acid carnosine in the muscle fibres, Balance 100% Pure Beta-Alanine helps to combat the problems that can get in your way of completing your workout strong.

The supplement builds endurance whether you're engaging in strength-training or cardiovascular exercise. For weightlifting, beta-alanine reduces the burning sensations caused by lactic acid accumulation and helps to minimise fatigue.