Outbreak Nutrition F.P.S Focus & Performance Outbreak Nutrition F.P.S Focus & Performance

Outbreak Nutrition F.P.S Focus & Performance


Ever felt your brain click into a higher gear? That moment when you’re so locked in that you move as if your opponents are playing at half speed.  This is the zone where you win the 1 V 4, clutch the battle royal win with only 18 bullets and a dream.  It’s this mental clarity, razor-sharp reflexes, and the perfect balance of energy and focus that we want you to take into every battle.
For years, F.P.S™ gaming energy drink has been sharpening reflexes and focus, while delivering unstoppable energy that helps you attack the last round of an epic session with the same intensity as the first.

  • Energy drink with cognitive enhancer
  • Immediate energy
  • 200mg caffeine per serving
  • High dose ALCAR for enhanced nutrient delivery and blood flow
  • Zero calories and sugar
  • Great tasting and lightly carbonated

F.P.S - Gaming Supplements Reimagined
Today F.P.S receives its first major upgrade.  And with it, the best gaming supplement enters god mode.

A favourite ingredient of eSports athletes and a new addition to our F.P.S formula. NooLVL provides natural energy and advanced focus, which reduces mistakes and helps to eliminate cognitive deficit.

Fatigue of the mind and body is what happens during a long gaming session as your play falls off a cliff. Taurine combats both, and is now found in our new formula at 4x the original dose.

Improved Taste
Same flavours (Nuka Fruit, Battleground Berry, Devastated Dew) but now enhanced to be almost as delicious than the taste of victory.

Everyone needs a little energy now and again, but Outbreak Nutrition F.P.S provides an energy drink with an added cognitive focus stack to give you the refreshing slightly carbonated drink that you need for a midday pick me up, or extra focus to work or game.
Whether you are a gamer, student or just working hard and you need an added energy boost with cognitive benefits, F.P.S can help. You will free energised and more focused with 30 minutes of drinking this product.